• JavaScript Profiler

    Every web developer who developed web applications or sites for mobile devices aware of the lack of tool to profile JavaScript execution times. Although there are some developer tools available for mobile debugging, such as iWebInspector and weinre (WEb INspector REmote), non of them give the ability to profile JavaScript execution times on remote devices as it can be done in Developer Tools in Chrome and Safari or in Firebug in Firefox.

  • Waiting for web fonts to load

    While working on a project where I was required to sample dimensions of HTML elements with specific web fonts, I have bumped into a problem. There wasn’t any DOM event that signaled that specific fonts are loaded and rendered. Even though all the fonts were base64 encoded and inserted into a web page immediately after XMLHttpRequest response, it didn’t indicated that these fonts were actually rendered and that elements enclosing them received their final dimensions.